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  • Mar 23 2014 – LnBC Ep-28r: Thinking a little bit differently. Creative thinking and some old school thoughts.

  • Mar 30 2014 -LnBC Ep- 29r: Taking the High Road and Tipping Questions and Answers: Stealing clients and what to do. Some tipping advice for when you are out and about networking.

  • Mar 30 2014 -LnBC Ep- 30r: Communicating at the right level; Setting your focus on an end target with your business.

  • May 04 2014 -LnBC Ep- 31r: Comments and John Maxwell Leadership with Bob Kittridge from

  • May 11 2014 – LnBC Ep- 32r: Words of advice from Dave C. in the words of LnB. Find out about L’s experience.. Air date  04/28/2013


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