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LnB Connectors

Dedicated to personal relationships that build your business

Committed to personal growth and helping entrepreneurs make choices

Helping connect your business through education, events and networking



LyndaLynda Cink is a serial entrepreneur, educator and adventurer.   linkedin-logo-square2-webtreatsetc

She is a trusted marketing adviser, consultant and coach to hundreds of private entrepreneurial clients and small business owners running businesses from $1 to $1-million in size; and she influences well over 1-million independent business owners annually through her newsletters, coaching programs, radio show, and local LnB Groups meeting all over Colorado.

Lynda is the co-founder of LnB Connectors. LnB Connectors is a network of business owners and entrepreneurs connecting and engaging in new ways to challenge & support their business accomplishments. LnB live life to the fullest and strive to create a lasting legacy.

She and her “outside-the-box” methods have often been viewed as outrageous. While continuing to work, live, and play in this methodology, her peers are supportive and enjoy engaging her in the path of excitement and success.

Today, Lynda is helping small business owners by offering marketing & business strategy techniques. Her mission is to inspire entrepreneurs to change the way business is played.

• Innovative Ideas
• Networking with Purpose
• Marketing Techniques
• Meaningful Fun
• Paying Forward
• Entrepreneurship
• Internet Marketing
• Negotiation and Persuasion


IMG_4148-2Brian Swanson has passion for life, a commitment to being and a shoulder to cry on. A love for business, education and a vested interest in other’s success.    linkedin-logo-square2-webtreatsetc

The world has handed me many favors and relationships which have made me enjoy this thing called life. And when a person enjoys life, they feel like sharing it with others.

As the creator of businesses which connect the microcosms around us, my destiny is being fulfilled. It is a talent for understanding people and what they do in their lives and business that makes me successful. Some people call it marketing, branding, networking, or even heralding. I define it as “making a difference”. Connecting people and business is not always measurable, but when a person comes to you and says, “I’m grateful for the new contract.” or “That changed my life.”, my pleasure grows.

You’ve probably ask yourself the question,”What is it you do?” This question is a simple one for most business owners to answer, but the complexity of the businesses I have created with my partner allows for a much more thorough description.

We can:

* Show you how to “network” your business
* Help you find better ways to utilize your money
* Create events for your business
* Support a systemic change
* Make suggestions for personal growth
* Provide educational experiences in classrooms, one-on-one, or group settings
* Facilitate group discussions
* Motivate, inspire and educate from the stage
* Show you how to build personal and professional relationships

While there is a box for everything, my business doesn’t seem to have one, specifically. You could suggest we are consultants. You could define us as event planners. You could round us up in the category of inspirational speakers. You could classify us as personal or business coaches. Heck, you could even proclaim us educational facilitators.

No matter what you label me and my business. Rest assured, that which summons relations will be called upon to succeed. Hey, that’s cool!